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Terms & conditions Arrangements for carriage of goods is the responsibility of customers. We are happy to provide contact details of several reputable couriers. We would strongly recommend that customers confirm that couriers are fully insured for the carriage of finished goods. Where goods are supplied over the internet or by telephone, and the goods have not been viewed in person, Rocking Horse Stables comply with the Distance Selling Regulations. In those circumstances customers are entitled to cancel the sales contract within 7 days of delivery. A full refund will be given provided that the goods are returned in an undamaged state. Customers are responsible for the cost of carriage on returned goods. In accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations the right to cancellation does not apply where customers have personalised the goods. In the event of non-payment of a request for payment beyond 28 days storage fees of 1 per day will become payable, unless specifically agreed.

Other Stuff

As well as Rocking Horses, we also offer a range of accessories and gifts.

If you would like any further information, please contact us. We are more than happy to help.


Replacement saddlecloths


Replacement stirrups.

Rocking horses book by Anthony Dew

Rocking horse book


Rabbit skin glue and whiting.

Making Rocking horses by Anthony Dew

Hardback book by Anthony Dew

Horse Tails on the hide

Available in various colours, sizes. Blondes, greys browns black and chestnut.

Ribbon rosettes

set of 3 rosettes

Robert Harrop ceramic bow rocking horse

Lovely Robert Harrop collectable rocking horse

Robert Harrop ceramic bow rocking horse

Lovely Robert Harrop collectable bow rocking horse Bay - 7 inches high, 12 inches long. Unboxed

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