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Terms & conditions Arrangements for carriage of goods is the responsibility of customers. We are happy to provide contact details of several reputable couriers. We would strongly recommend that customers confirm that couriers are fully insured for the carriage of finished goods. Where goods are supplied over the internet or by telephone, and the goods have not been viewed in person, Rocking Horse Stables comply with the Distance Selling Regulations. In those circumstances customers are entitled to cancel the sales contract within 7 days of delivery. A full refund will be given provided that the goods are returned in an undamaged state. Customers are responsible for the cost of carriage on returned goods. In accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations the right to cancellation does not apply where customers have personalised the goods. In the event of non-payment of a request for payment beyond 28 days storage fees of 1 per day will become payable, unless specifically agreed.


The Rocking Horse Stables offers a complete restoration service at affordable prices. you own a rocking horse in need of a little tlc, be it a full or partial restoration, perhaps even just a new mane and tail, please contact us for a no obligation quote.

Many people own a rocking horse, whether it is a newly acquired horse requiring some attention, or a horse that has been passed down through the family. New and antique alike are nevertheless equally loved and cherished.

This page is dedicated to those horses. With the permission of their owners, we are posting pictures of the horses as they arrive, perhaps with a little bit of their history and a picture of them when they leave the Stables.

Every client is encouraged to have input in the work that is carried out. For example, colour of mane, tail, paint work, saddlecloth etc., under just a tiny bit of supervision! Regular updates will be emailed, detailing the different stages of restoration, from start to finish.

If you would like any further information or advice, please contact us. We are more than happy to help.

OISIN - F H Ayres plain carved swingstand

48 inch FH Ayres under gone restoration

MALT - G & J Lines swingstand -

51 inch swingstand now completed and returned home to the Orkneys.

LEONARDO - 50 inch G&J Lines No 21

G & J Lines swingstand circa 1925

THE DUKE - 48 inch bow rocker extra carved

Absolutely stunning bow rocker

FOXY - Lines Brother swingstand

Overpainted G & J Lines rocking horse.

CASPER - extra carved F H Ayres

43 inch extra carved Ayres

MIRANDINA - J Collinson & Sons swingstand

45 inch high Collinson of Liverpool

APPLE - J Collinson and Sons swingstand

37 inch high swingstand now fully restored.

SILVER KING - Baby Carriages Ltd

Silver King - 37 inch High Baby carriages Ltd swingstand.

SPIRIT - modern unknown maker

Spirit is a 48 inch high horse who has arrived requiring a new saddle, saddlecloth, mane and tail.

MAX - 33 inch high Lines sportiboy

Cute sportiboy circa 1920.

CHESTER - Lines Bros sportiboy

Chester is 38 inches high Sportiboy and has been fully restored.

JUMBO - J.Collinson and Sons

Collinson rocking horse 40 inches high

HORATIO - Lines 21 swingstand 48inches high.

Well carved 48 inch Lines horse

DOUGLAS - Leeway swingstand

undergone a full restoration.

STAR - modern rocking horse

Modern rocking horse approx 40ins high.

JAMIE - Collinson swingstand

Cute 39 inch Collinson swingstand arrived for a smarten up and new tack.

HARRY - Hill and Harrison

45 inches high

DOBBIN - unknown maker

Dobbin - family owned rocking horse circa 1930 - 40s.

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