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Terms & conditions Arrangements for carriage of goods is the responsibility of customers. We are happy to provide contact details of several reputable couriers. We would strongly recommend that customers confirm that couriers are fully insured for the carriage of finished goods. Where goods are supplied over the internet or by telephone, and the goods have not been viewed in person, Rocking Horse Stables comply with the Distance Selling Regulations. In those circumstances customers are entitled to cancel the sales contract within 7 days of delivery. A full refund will be given provided that the goods are returned in an undamaged state. Customers are responsible for the cost of carriage on returned goods. In accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations the right to cancellation does not apply where customers have personalised the goods. In the event of non-payment of a request for payment beyond 28 days storage fees of 1 per day will become payable, unless specifically agreed.

Restore ?

To restore ... or not to restore ?

Some horses that pass through our hands have suffered greatly over the years and in these cases usually require a full restoration. Old horses were generally passed down through generations for children at Christmas or for their birthday and in order to spruce them up, the relative would give them a paint job. Usually not very well ! However, sometimes horses can be retrieved and enhanced in keeping with their original appearance.

We always try to retain originality where at all possible. We endeavour to restore the original look and feel of the horse and, in doing so, only the highest quality tack is used.

This F. H. Ayres horse was bought completely covered in thick white gloss.
The gloss was painstakingly removed and his original paintwork enhanced. He was provided with a new saddlecloth, mane and tail, and all existing original tack, including rosettes, was put back on.

This large J & G Lines horse was in a poor state and had to undergo a full restorarion including stripping and re-gessoing. His saddle was still in good conditon, but the rest of his tack had to be replaced. He bears the "PATENTED JAN 1880" stencil on the base of his stand.

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