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Terms & conditions Arrangements for carriage of goods is the responsibility of customers. We are happy to provide contact details of several reputable couriers. We would strongly recommend that customers confirm that couriers are fully insured for the carriage of finished goods. Where goods are supplied over the internet or by telephone, and the goods have not been viewed in person, Rocking Horse Stables comply with the Distance Selling Regulations. In those circumstances customers are entitled to cancel the sales contract within 7 days of delivery. A full refund will be given provided that the goods are returned in an undamaged state. Customers are responsible for the cost of carriage on returned goods. In accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations the right to cancellation does not apply where customers have personalised the goods. In the event of non-payment of a request for payment beyond 28 days storage fees of 1 per day will become payable, unless specifically agreed.


The horses listed below are those we have restored and sold on to a new home.

If you are looking for other Rocking Horse related items, have a look at the other stuff we have to offer.

If you would like any further pictures, information or advice, please contact us. We are more than happy to help.

PIP - F H Ayres - for restoration - SOLD

Lovely little Ayres horse restored.

PARSLEY - 45 inch F H Ayres - SOLD

Beautifully restored Ayres.

MABEL - 48 inch sportiboy - SOLD

Gorgeous 48 inch rocking horse

GINGER - 45 inch Lines Sportiboy - SOLD

45 Inch sportiboy

FREYA - 45 inch Woodrow Swingstand - SOLD

Fabulous extra carved rocking horse

BUTTON -. Lines Bros Tricycle Horse - SOLD

Gorgeous tricycle horse, very collectable.

FEATHER - Vintage rocking horse - SOLD

41 inches from ground to tip of ears.

WASHINGTON - Lines Bros extra carved - SOLD

Fabulous 44 inch G & J Lines extra carved swingstand.

EARL - F H Ayres Rocking horse - SOLD

F H Ayres - virtually in original condition (Earl resided for years in The Orkneys)!

MILTON - F H Ayres plain carved swingstand -SOLD

48 inch high F H Ayres in original condition

CINNAMON - 44 inch Lines Bros sportiboy -SOLD

44 inch Lines sportiboy fully restored.

TICKETY BOO - Lines Brothers sportiboy-SOLD

37 inch high Lines brothers sportiboy restored. Original stirrups.

BASIL - 48 ins G & J Lines x carved - SOLD

Imposing 48 inch early extra carved G & J Lines Brothers swingstand restored. circa 1890.

DOTTIE - J R Smith antique swingstand SOLD

J R Smith swingstand under restoration

WHISPER - early G &J Lines 44 ins high SOLD

Wonderfully carved Lines horse in original condition.

BLUEBERRY - Lines Bros sportiboy SOLD

Blueberry is pretty sportiboy 44 inches high.

PEANUT - Early 20th Century Tricycle horse SOLD

Very sweet English early 20th Century tricycle horse.

LOTTIE - J R Smith swingstand - SOLD

JR Smith 38 inches high circa 1910.

LEAF - F H Ayres 45 inch high swingstand SOLD

Very pretty F H Ayres swingstand circa 1920. Leafs restoration is now completed.

WELLINGTON - F H Ayres swingstand - SOLD

35 inch extra carved F H Ayres swing stand restored.

SPROUT - Woodrow - 39 inches high - SOLD

Fabulous Woodrow extra carved swingstand.

DAISIE - Lines Brothers sportiboy -SOLD

44 inch high Lines Brothers Sportiboy restored.

BRACKEN - 44 inch high Lines sportiboy - SOLD

Bracken has been over painted. Her stand is original although her brackets and posts will be replacements, she has her original glass eyes.

WILLOW - Leeway swingstand - SOLD

40 inch high Leeway swingstand restored.

BREEZE - FH Ayres swingstand - SOLD

39 inch high F H Ayres rocking horse fully restored.

TRUMPET - FH Ayres x carved - SOLD

Super F H Ayres rocking horse 37 inches high undergone full restoration.

TOPSY- JR Smith swingstand - SOLD

34 inch high J R Smith rocking horse. Pre 1916.

GENERAL - JR Smith Nursery swingstand -SOLD

Rare extra carved basket horse 44 high.

LUDO - F H Ayres swingstand -SOLD

Cute 34 inch high swingstand

SMARTIE - J R Smith swingstand - SOLD

Handsome J R Smith to be restored, 45 inches high. I`m now including a history of this restoration under the `Case Studies` section

TAIT - J Collinson and Sons swingstand - SOLD

38 inch high Collinson of Liverpool, original condition.

MACK -J Collinson & Sons 50 inch high - SOLD

Very pretty imposing Collinson rocking horse requiring restoration.

ROSIE - Lines Bros sportiboy - SOLD

44 inch high Lines Brothers sportiboy circa 1920-26.

MARBLE - Patterson Edwards - SOLD

Cute Patterson Edwards circa 1920s with turned posts.33 ins high.

MEG - J Collinson and Sons swingstand - SOLD

37 inch high J Collinson @ Son swingstand

HEATH - F.H. Ayres Rocking horse - SOLD

A very imposing rocking horse.

LINDON - Collinson 32 inches high SOLD

A cutie


Master Teddy has a story to tell.............SOLD (to a lovely new home)

ALMOND - G & J Lines Rocking horse - SOLD

G & J Lines swing stand

LIVINGSTON - F H Ayres swing stand SOLD

36 inch high F H Ayres

NELSON - Lines Bros Sportiboy rocking horse -SOLD

Sportiboy 44inch rocking horse fully restored by in-house restorer.

EVE - J Collinson & Son rocking horse - SOLD

Collinson Wooden swingstand rocking horse

PARSNIP - Lines Bros Sportiboy - SOLD

Wonderful sportiboy swingstand 38 inches high.

EARSDON - F H Ayres swingstand - SOLD

F H Ayres 38 inch high swingstand

THIMBLE -antique swingstand - SOLD

Total sweetie, 36 inch swingstand rocking horse.


F H Ayres restored rocking horse

RHUBARB - G & J Lines - SOLD

Fabulous Lines rocking horse 44 ins high.

PEBBLES - 45 inch Collinson swingstand - SOLD

45 Inch J Collinson and Sons of Liverpool

ADMIRAL - F H Ayres extra carved swingstand -SOLD

Finely carved 37 inch swingstand circa 1890

PEPPER - Patterson Edwards swingstand SOLD

Patterson Edwards swingstand with turned posts.

MARMITE - Lines sportiboy swingstand SOLD

Lines sportiboy 38 ins high

SPANGLE - G & J Lines 43 inch swingstand SOLD

Spangle is a pretty G & J Lines horse, restoration completed.

TILLY - FH Ayres extra carved circa 1890 - SOLD

44 Inch high F H Ayres

FLYNN - Lines brothers swingstand - SOLD

44 inches high.

MANGO - G & J Lines Bros swingstand -SOLD

39 inch G & J Lines swingstand.

SANDY- x carved Leeway - SOLD

Leeway swingstand circa 1950, 42 inches high.

MATILDA - Lines Bros Sportiboy - SOLD

Lines Sportiboy, 38 inches high

BLUEBELL - Lines Bros sportiboy - SOLD

38 inch high Lines Brothers Sportiboy

BERRY - FH Ayres swngstand - SOLD

48 inches high F H Ayres.

BETTY - F H Ayres swingstand SOLD

38 inches high

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